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Title: Sistema para el análisis y gestión de riesgos
Authors: Cavalcanti Garay, Antton Deyke
Keywords: Activo
Análisis Cuantitativo
Análisis Cualitativo
Evaluación del riesgo
Planificar la gestión de Riesgos
Planificar la respuesta a los Riesgos
Riesgo Intrínseco
Riesgo Residual
Tratamiento del riesgo
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universidad Ricardo Palma
Abstract: The development of this thesis was performed for the area of Quality GMD company. The purpose of this thesis was the creation of a system to make an assignment of controls to the main threats and could cause a negative impact on the company, as well as track the sameto persons responsible for implementing such measures. By raising the business problem, we evaluated the need for a tool to track risks, proposed a web solution to the problem identified. This solution arises because of the inefficient management of risks in the company GMD and the need to control them automatically. So we implemented a web application I evaluated the risks and then issue alerts to emails managers risk controls.
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